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New Scholarship at Drew Theological School Fuels Missionary Work

Andrew and Barbara Choi recognize a need.

November 2016 – Drew Theological School is offering a new scholarship to students who are passionate about Protestant Christian missionary work.

The Andrew and Barbara Choi Missionary Spirit Scholarship will be awarded annually and is renewable. The scholarship was established with a generous gift of $100,000 and the first recipient will be named in the spring. Here’s more key information.

Who’s eligible?

Korean or Korean-American students

What qualities should they have?

Beyond a passion for missionary work, a strong record of academic excellence, demonstrated financial need and exemplary personal character

Who’s funding this?

President MaryAnn Baenninger and Dean Viera honor the gift.

Andrew and Barbara Choi, philanthropists who run the Andrew & Barbara Choi Family Foundation in New Jersey. The nonprofit organization—through grants and scholarships—helps Korean-Americans explore passions and achieve goals.

With the new scholarship, Andrew Choi aims to help young people with missionary spirit who embody the love and compassion of Christ. The Chois brought that same spirit when they emigrated from Korea to the United States in the late 1960s and now want empower a younger generation, Andrew Choi said.

Why is it important?

The Choi is “personally have been impacted by the work of missionaries who came from Drew—namely Henry Appenzeller and others—to Korea and impacted Korean society for good in all kinds of fields, including ministry, medicine, education, the status and role of women and the founding of universities and schools,” said Javier Viera, dean of the Theological School.

“In honor of that missionary work, they want to continue to support Korean students who follow in that missionary spirit: to impact societies for their own improvement and betterment,” Viera added. “They want to support students who expressly want to be missionaries in the world today.”


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