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Dongjun Lee


2022 Andrew & Barbara Choi Family Foundation Grant

In 2022 the award went to Dongjun Lee T'24. He is a junior from Incheon, Korea. He was inspired to choose a career in Ministry by John Wesley, who continues to be a role model for Dongjun. Dongjun was also this year's Dorr Diefendorf Award recipient given to students who display excellence in homiletics. He writes, "I am currently learning from Drew about different perspectives on the Bible. This is the process I need the most right now. Since I cannot predict the future ministry situation, I must be trained to interpret the Bible in a rapidly changing case. This is because the Bible is not just a story of the past but is the living word of God in the society we live in today. I am most grateful for learning about theology and understanding and accepting different points of view from Drew. I am genuinely grateful to have been given this scholarship. It is the most incredible honor for me."

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